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- 07/12/20
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I recently set up a limited company and about to buy BTL real estate under this company. I transferred funds from my personal bank account to the company`s bank account. These funds are considered directors loans (which I am at the company). my lawyer asked me to submit a loan document for the directors and the minutes of the board meeting indicating that the loan is accepted by the company. It is also interesting to note that if you repay the loan later, z.B. the company makes some rent gains and you decide to repay the loan, the money you borrow is simply a loan repayment and is not taxed. I just responded to another article you did on the same subject. I have been investing in a limited company for three years now and you do not need a written director`s credit contract if you/your partner own the limited company 100%. However, it might be useful for a joint venture, perhaps to formalize the agreement. The borrower should object to any attempt to repeat the insurance and guarantees or to have them increased insurance, since the result could be: (a) that a fixed-term loan, due to circumstances outside the borrower`s control, effectively becomes a debt loan; and b) that the breach of insurance and continuous guarantees causes cross-cutting failures in other agreements. In any event, the “substantial negative change” should be limited by the borrower`s ability to meet its obligations under the loan agreement and the borrower should attempt to qualify a guarantee as to the accuracy of the information provided by the borrower, in order to exclude oral information and information that has been disclosed incidentally.

Directors can participate in loans to companies, either because a company lends to one of its directors or because a director can lend to the company of which he is the director. Directors can lend to businesses on the same basis as any business organization. However, there will be issues related to collateral and conflicts of interest that will have to be considered before borrowing. Our guide – credits involving directors should be read as part of this agreement. A loan taken out by an individual to invest in a business is a qualified loan when it comes to the following questions: Shareholder agreement (usually formal) is only required for loans of directors over $10,000 (the limit is $50,000 if the loan is intended to cover the company`s expenses). But in all situations where a company lends money to a director, we recommend establishing a written agreement specifying the most important conditions. Beyond everything else, it will prove the existence of a loan in which HMRC researches. But the loan doesn`t need to take the form of a cash advance – it can take other forms.


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