Edith Cowan University Collective Agreement

- 07/12/20
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It also contains a reference table that will help you quickly determine the payment of the most appropriate compensation or recognition for a given situation. Your HR business partner is also able to provide specific instructions for unique circumstances. Nominations are closed Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 4 p.m., so be sure to get your documents back in advance! You can find all the details on our website here: ecuguild.org.au/elections/ nominations for the ECU Student Guild Senate 2021 are OPEN! If you want to change student life on campus and influence positive change, why not consider running? Want to know more? Watch our presentation that describes the roles, responsibilities and fee payments for each role: prezi.com/p/kxbxbnhxudnm/guild-elections/ role of a graduate officer (open to all graduate students currently enrolled). The candidates have… There are a number of recognition allowances and bonuses to assess the high performance of academic and professional staff in ECU, which contribute to the teaching, research and operational performance of the Ecu. Download the 2020 wage rate report for certain types of jobs in ECU. You will find information on how to respond to situations in which an outstanding staff member has received an external job offer in the counter-offer guideline. Specific cases should be discussed with the manager, HR Services. Pay rates and allowances for academic and professional staff are described in the Edith Cowan University Enterprise Agreement 2017 as well as in the Guide to Allowances and Recognition Allowances.

Pay rates and allowances are negotiated between the university, the workers and the relevant unions. On 26 August 2020, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) approved a decision on the ecus to remedy a typographical error in Appendix 1 E – Wages and Rates, the first part of the Enterprise Agreement. The correction relates to the rates that come into effect in January 2021 for: . The guide contains information on available allowances and recognition allowances: there are individual guidelines when a worker is required to use his vehicle for work purposes or is considered necessary in a frequent travel role. The Private Motor Vehicle Allowance Claim form can be downloaded from our Finance and Business Services – Forms website.

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