Eu Japan Free Trade Agreement Pdf

- 08/12/20
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Okuda S (2013) Kankoku no FTA senryaku to nihon e no eikyo [South Korea`s FTA strategy and its impact on Japan]. In: Yamazawa I, Baba K, Kenkyukai KBT (eds) Ajia taiheiyo no shin tsusho chitsujo: TPP to higashi ajia no keizai renkei [New trade regulation in the Asia-Pacific region: TPP and economic partnership in East Asia]. Keiso Shobo, Tokyo, 102-115 The Japan News, `TPP announcement driving trade talks`, 27 March 2013. Meunier S, Morin J-F (2017) The European Union and the time-time continuum of investment agreements. J Euro Int 39 (7):891-907 Nelson P (2018) Tops current and future trade relations. In: Berkofsky A et al (eds) The EU-Japan partnership in the shadow of China: the crisis of liberalism. Routledge, London, p. 118-149 D-r A (2007) EU trade policy to protect exporters: agreements with Mexico and Chile. J of the Common Market Stud 45 (4):833-855 Ponjaert F (2015) The political and institutional importance of an EU-Japan trade and partnership agreement. In: Bacon P, Mayer H, Nakamura H (eds) The European Union and Japan: a new chapter in civil cooperation? Ashgate, Surrey, 85-113 In the past, European companies faced trade barriers when exporting to Japan, which sometimes made them difficult to compete with. Suzuki H (2017) The new trade policy: EU-Japan. J Eur Integr 39 (7):827-841 European Commission (2015) Trade for all: Towards a more responsible trade and investment policy Available for access on 12 December 2015. October 2017 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2011) White Paper on International Trade 2011.

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