Fix And Flip Joint Venture Agreement

- 09/12/20
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Mentorship JV Agreement – Jedi Investor H enters into a corporate agreement with Padawan Investor I to make three deals. Padawan Investor I agrees to find the offers and find money. Jedi Investor H puts together its knowledge and experience for 50% of the deal. Padawan Investor I takes title to the property. Padawan investor I cut Jedi Investor H a check after every deal Hey guys are looking forward to returning to the creepy junkie podcast this week. I got Don Costa on the show. We`re going to talk about tripping together to fund our flips, and if you don`t know the common cars, it`s basically if you`re working with someone who has the money to make the deals and then share the winnings on the back-end and we`ll get details all this time and discuss it all with Don. Dion is a married father with three incredible children. He has been working in real estate for more than 10 years. It goes to the doors and wholesale properties move very quickly to tilt houses, so fixed and flips. He took some time during the crash in 2008, jumped in 2012 and currently he is on track to do 100 flips this year, so he absolutely loves what he`s doing and he likes to help other people get into business. That`s why we brought him to the show today to discuss going together and again fund our flips and our thanks.

I just want to thank you very quickly for hearing Flipping Junkie Podcast. I know there are a lot of podcasts that you can hear. Thank you very much for agreeing on this one. It`s very appreciated. If you`re not an iTunes subscriber, please do so. This way you can get every new episode every week that we publish on Monday, and we`re doing this series. Simply put, a joint venture is any situation in which two or more people combine resources or skills to carry out a project. I talked to a guy.who`s bought market real estate, fixing and flippoing them. I went out to see some of the properties he was working on. He wants to create a joint venture, essentially contribute to the down payment of the loan and offer a return of 17.5% at 9 months. Here at ZINC Financial, we have developed a new joint venture program that allows experienced domestic pinball machines to enter into joint ventures directly with LE ZINC. As part of these agreements, the dredger monitors the entire flip.

They have the freedom to choose their own investment property, complete the renovations they deem the best and manage the ultimate sale of the home. ZINC`s contribution represents the total acquisition and transformation costs. To buy and repair the houses, he entered into an agreement with a partner for the joint ventures. It is the money partner who will find the funds. He would find the deals and manage the fix up and they would split the winnings 50/50. Suppose you want to create a JV with a builder on a found property. If you can afford to pay the owner his normal rate, it should always be cheaper than doing a joint venture with him.


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